Regular service

Relax with a weekly cleaning service from $27 – $37 /hr

Wouldn’t you like to relax a bit more?

How would you like to just enjoy your nice, clean home without having to worry about scrubbing and scouring?

And have more time with your family, loved-ones, etc?

Then you’ll love the regular service.

Say good riddance to sweeping, scrubbing and scouring.

With a regular weekly service (or every other week), you can have any cleaning, ironing or related task done that you want. Your assigned cleaner will work to your instruction and approval.

Personal, dedicated service

You'll have a committed service, specific to your requirements, with the same personal cleaner operative every time.

From ca $27 - $37/hr

You'll have excellent value-for-money, and you get a lower rate the more hours you have. Why pay more?

Continuity: cover provided

Your regular cleaner will come every time as agreed, as a routine, regular schedule. You can have cover if your regular cleaner can't go.

Your cleaner is vetted...

... checked, and interviewed in- her-own-home, so that you can feel good about the cleaner you have working for you.

Rate pledge

The Ace Home Cleaners rate will never increase, as long as you have the same hours/days. That is our rate pledge to you. Most other companies do not offer that.

You're guaranteed... be happy with your regular cleaner, as part of our built-in service pledge. (If you're not, we replace the cleaner).

Keeping your home clean and giving you time

With Ace Home Cleaners you get a nice, clean home, peace-of-mind and a good, reliable service at a very competitive price. We build on over 10 years’ service experience from Europe, and work in the greater Broward County and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Regular service: get your quote now

Enjoy your clean home - and relax