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What cleaning and household tasks can I have done?

You can have any cleaning and/or related domestic task done inside your home.

Of course this includes general house cleaning, but also ironing folding clothes, putting on laundry, changing the bed cover, etc.

What’s more, it’s entirely flexible, and your cleaner will do whatever you prioritize in any given week.

(Most clients like to have certain “priority a” tasks & areas done routinely every time, and then rotate “priority b” and “c” tasks/areas depending on requirement or need that week).

Whose materials and equipment?

Your allocated cleaner will use your materials and equipment, so that you can decide exactly which sprays and tools to be used in your home. Many clients prefer this, because they’re very aware of the various sprays they want to use (and not use) in their home.

What’s more, this way you can be sure that there won’t be any harsh chemicals, allergens or irritants sprayed in your home.

It is also the most hygienic way to operate, because the cleaner won’t take dust from another house into your home.

Do you vet the cleaners?

Yes, your allocated cleaner, and all our cleaners, have gone through a thorough vetting process before we introduce them to you or any client.

We have a proprietary 4-stage process, which includes an initial screening, a telephone evaluation to determine if the candidate appears to be the right type of person for the role. Following this, if the applicant appears suitable, an interview is performed in the cleaner candidate’s own home.

We take photo, documents, ID and references; and we check that all is in order. Of course, you have the final say in which cleaner you take on.

What do you look for when you select cleaners?

As we go through our 4-stage vetting process and an interview in the candidate’s own home, we look for a number of important traits and characterics, and we assess trustworthiness, responsibility, experience, etc.

Other key traits checked are:

  1. Can the cleaner come and do a good, thorough and efficient job for you?
  2. Can the cleaner come reliably and as agreed every time, as a routine, regular schedule?
  3. Can the cleaner communicate well, so that you can make your requirements understood?


Where are the cleaners from?

Your cleaner is local to you. Cleaners operatives are typically within a reasonable distance of within 1 – 5 miles.

What about insurance?

Yes, the cleaner operatives are insured as a contingency whilst on your premises so you can have that peace-of-mind. This includes $1,000,000 public liability insurance – just in case.

Is it a personal service?

Yes, as you’ll have the same regular dedicated cleaner, you can receive a service specific to your requirements.

Your allocated cleaner will become familiar with your requirements and can arrange her work according to your priorities and preferences.

What if my cleaner is ill or away?

Yes, you can have a cover cleaner if you like. Just contact us and we’ll arrange it at no extra cost.

Can I change my cleaner if I want?

Yes, you can change your cleaner at any time for whatever reason. Just call us and we’ll arrange to introduce another one to you.

Our happy customers

"My cleaner is prompt, pleasant and very thorough. She does everything we want done within the time agreed. I highly recommend."

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